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Italian Sugared Almonds 1kg

Italian Sugared Almonds 1kg
Italian Sugared Almonds 1kg
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The sugared almond of Sulmona is a confectionery specialty typical of the city of Sulmona in the province of L'Aquila where there is the oldest sweet factory.

The sugared almond has an ancient history, its manufacture understood as modern dates back to the fifteenth century while it has evolved as an artistic processing already starting from the same century.


The sugared almond has a very ancient history. According to some sources, the sugared almond was already known in Roman times. It is said in fact that the ancient Romans used to use sugared almonds to celebrate births and weddings, only at the time, since sugar was not yet discovered, honey was used and a sweet compound was produced that wrapped the almond, made of honey. and flour.


The sugared almond is a dessert made up of a sugar-coated almond, but many variants are now widespread consisting of a core of pistachios, hazelnuts or chocolate covered, in fact, with sugar. It is a specialty since the beginning used as a symbol of luck and prosperity, produced since ancient times. Spain and above all Italy have the most important Confetti production centers


The sugared almonds are produced using copper or steel boilers, which are called bassine. The boiler during the processing of the sugared almonds is in continuous rotation.

Sucrose solutions are used inside the boilers which, obtaining hot air, evaporate, leaving a uniform layer of sugar on the almond. The process continues with various wetting and drying steps.

After the sugar coating phase, the surface of the sugared almond appears rough and uneven, then the subsequent smoothing and polishing phase takes place.

Since the confection is a process that requires a lot of labor, its realization can take up to two or three days.

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